Gordon Stone
Speaker and Group Facilitator

Gordon Stone

Widely regarded throughout Australia's agriculture industry as a significant thought-leader, agri-business expert Gordon Stone is a consultant, business advisor and coach, speaker and talented group facilitator. 

Having worked across the Australian (and international) agri-sector for over 30 years Gordon's presentations deliver key insights and understanding of the industry to his audiences and challenges them on outdated mindsets and to instead share his vision of creating self-managing and highly profitable businesses in new and innovative ways. He is also a master group facilitator, and believes in the power of supportive group settings, where business owners can interact with like-minded individuals

No matter the event, Gordon always brings his passion in acknowledging and giving recognition to the many silent achievers in the industry, that do so much, without always getting what is due to them, but who are responsible for making Australian agriculture iconic and a world leader in the space. 

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