Business Management for your Agricultural Business

A short course
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If you are looking to run a more profitable and professional agricultural business, you need to improve the way you manage your business.

Many in agriculture spend a lot of time focussing on improving the production aspects, however often they neglect to spend time on the business management side of things.

This short course will teach you the fundamentals of business management for your agricultural business.

The course covers 8 main topics, including:

  • Creating a plan for your business – to ensure your reach your objectives
  • Are you selling the right product, to the right customer – who is willing to pay what it is really worth?
  • People management – fundamentals to help you manage staff, family and contractors
  • Managing cash flow and financial fundamentals – stay on top of your finances
  • Time management – where to spend your time, to get the greatest output
  • Sales and negotiation – using sales to become a price setter, not a price taker
  • Business systems – setting the business up to run without you
  • How to grow your business – using the ABDI Business Growth Pyramid

This course will help you improve your business skills, management skills, and show you what it takes to create a successful agricultural business in today’s fast-changing marketplace.

How it works

You’ll get access to over 25 video / audio recordings and other business materials from business mentors and advisers. These are specialists who have decades of experience advising agricultural businesses on how to improve their businesses.

You can either watch these as videos (recommended), or you can download the audio to listen to while you do other things. There’ll also be worksheets and templates you can fill out and apply in your own business.

This short course takes the key elements from all of our other courses, and distills it down into the most important parts to focus on, so you can get started on improving your business skills.

There is no set time for you to complete the course, you can do it in a single sitting, or you can do it over several weeks. We would recommend completing it within no more than 12 weeks though, so you make the changes in your business while they are fresh, and you maintain the momentum.


The short course costs $95.

This is incredible value as others have previously paid $1000’s for this information, delivered in a workshop format! It can only be offered at such a low price because it is all delivered online. This delivery method means you can access the course content anywhere, at anytime. You can watch the videos at night after dinner, listen to it while driving into town, on the tractor, or when you have spare time waiting for the kids.


As part of this short course, you’ll also be given access to our premium library of business management content. This is usually only available to paying subscribers.There is a huge back catalogue of over 20 hours of webinars, and countless articles on business topics ranging from financial management, staff management, marketing, business planning and more.

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“ABDI presenters have an excellent understanding of businesses, the needs of the operators to improve, understand and develop ideas to enable goals to become potential reality. I highly recommend ABDI to agribusiness owners and business owners in general.”

Andrew Eliott – Mixed Farming – NSW

Free sample

We know that doing an online course might be a bit challenging or unknown for some. To see an example of one of the course modules, and how it is presented, please click the video below:

Or, download the audio here.

What others are saying:

“ABDI has provided Matt and myself with an insight into how a mainstream business is run and how we can implement these strategies into running our agri-business. We now know the important part of our business to work on and have left today with a clear view on our vision.”

Teleatha Werner – Mixed Enterprise: Cattle & Grain, QLD


“I found the program very helpful, and it has given me insights on where to focus to improve many aspects of my business.“

Mark Leach – The Tank Specialists


“The program provided me with the tools necessary, as well as the inspiration and motivation, to go home and work “ON” my business to identify clear goals / direction focus to improve my business. Thank you!“.

Christine Finney – Beef Producer, QLD


ABDI provided me with an easy, step-by-step strategy to improve my business. They’ve given me confidence to get the ball rolling for the next stage of our organics agribusiness.

Leo Maclean – Soft Agriculture/Mara Seeds

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