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Fast track the growth of your farm, service business or agri-business, by using the advice and support of someone who has been there before.


Helping you to grow a sustainable and profitable business.

Whether you’re looking for a mediator to help you set up a succession plan, an advisor to help you form your growth plan, an expert to help you present your finances to the banks, or a down-to-earth ear to simply be your sounding board, the ABDI Advisory team can help.

Many in agriculture are confident in their production skills, however are looking for help on managing the ‘business’ and ‘people’ side of things. This is our focus.

Our team has extensive experience in agribusiness, and broader business, both in Australia and internationally – working with clients to make positive and lasting changes to their businesses.

"I thought I was quite clear on my business direction until I had a session with Gordon Stone.

The things that emerged from left field amazed me.

Gordon has a natural gift for prizing things out of a person – then putting them into the right context – so the client can see where they are heading with their business."

Martin Urban – Inspired Focus International – Queensland, Australia

We work with you to improve the profitability and efficiency of your farm or agri-business.

We advise on a variety of matters including family succession, risk management, dealing with banks, business expansion and growth planning. Our team aren’t simply here to tell you what to do; rather, we come alongside you to understand your business needs and to assist you in developing a solution that is right for you.

Here are some of the areas in which we can work with you to develop your agri-business.

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Our team has extensive experience in agribusiness, and broader business, both in Australia and internationally – working with clients to make positive and lasting changes to their businesses. Our team is made up of a variety of backgrounds – business owners, entrepreneurs, chartered accoutants, sales coaches and operational experts.

Depending on your needs, we would match you with the business advisor most suited to your requirements.

The steps and thought process that the ABDI Business Development Program goes through has increased my understanding of what is important to grow and improve my business.

The mentoring has been very effective in keeping my goal in mind and providing clarity on what my focus is.

Craig Pocock – Beef Producer – Hoya QLD

“When I sold my irrigation manufacturing business I knew I wanted to stay in the industry. However I wasn’t sure where to direct my efforts to achieve the income and quality of life that I knew I wanted. Gordon Stone was recommended to me as a person who could assist in establishing a new business model that would fit exactly what I wanted. Over the last 18 months we have gone through a system of clarifying my expectations of this new business, creating a business that now meets those criteria, establishing a sales and marketing program, defining my financial expectations, considering how to leverage different parts of the business, looking at alliances, etc. Above all I appreciated how Gordon was able to support and guide me through this development process.”

Malcolm Thompson – Director, Freedom Irrigation – Toowoomba, Australia

“From initially seeing the webinar ‘Raising Corporate Finance’ conducted by the ABDI team of Damian Street and Gordon Stone, to the evolving of a plan to expand our farming enterprise; subsequently working with us to get our potential business venture off the ground by producing a comprehensive Information Memorandum (for investors) so quickly, has been nothing short of amazing! Despite initial failure to raise corporate finance, your insight, belief, flexibility and counsel finally led us to succeed in the expansion plan – thank you very much for your input and professionalism. We are looking forward to an exciting year!”

Andrew, Melissa and Dougal Eliott, Mixed Farming, Walcha, NSW.

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