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What's Holding You & Your Agri-Business Back?


A great place to start is to ask yourself these 3 questions:

1) Is my agri-business helping me achieve what I set out to?

2) Are there aspects of my business that I am not happy with, and is it providing more hassles than opportunities?

3) Is financial freedom, or the freedom to do what I want with my personal life, realistic in the near future?

If these questions get to you because you know your business is not everything you want it to be, then don't worry,
you are not alone. 

At ABDI we genuinely believe that by taking things back to first principles and making some simple changes that have seen proven success in leading agribusinesses,

...your business can be everything you want it to be.

More money … more free time … with less hassle.

That’s our aim for your agri-business.

Working with You to Improve the Profitability and Performance of Your Agri-business

Have you always thought that making more money, expanding the business and providing a better life for your family, simply comes down to working longer hours or selling more product?

This is an outdated mindset, and one that ABDI is seeking to change.

We offer a variety of ways to support agri-business people to grow.

Three Ways We Can Work Together

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If you are looking to expand or optimise your agribusiness, our Specialist Advisory Services can provide the support to make the changes successfully - with all the experience and advice of someone who has done it before.

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I found the workshop extremely thought provoking and quite inspirational. It is definitely a great initiative to run a workshop like this that is a great cross pollination of sound business advice along with personal development philosophies and pathways towards achieving work/life balance

Jenni Ahmat – Anitone Feed Supplements

As an introduction to the 12 month program, the 2 days have been interesting and worthwhile. The range of speakers were engaging and very knowledgeable. We have a plan of action going forward for our business which we can already see will be a good investment.

Brigid Price – Organic Beef Producer

The steps and thought process that the (CEO Mentoring) Program goes through has increased my understanding of what is important to grow and improve my business. The mentoring has been very effective in keeping my goal in mind and providing clarity on what my focus is.

Craig Pocock – Beef Producer – Hoya QLD

The CEO Mentoring Program is and I believe will continue to help and guide our family and business through a complex succession plan and a business growth phase.

Tony Reid – Sheep Producer – Cunnamulla QLD

ABDI presenters have an excellent understanding of businesses, the needs of the operators to improve, understand and develop ideas to enable goals to become potential reality. I highly recommend the ABDI programs to agribusiness owners and business owners in general.

Andrew Eliot – Mixed Farming – Walcha NSW

“I have attended many workshops that have not made an impact on me. However, due to the free-flowing conversations and opinions, this one (Better Beef Business 1 day workshop) has given me some confidence in where we should be focussing in regards to our beef enterprise.”

Jeff Seiler – Beef Producer – Durong QLD

Thought I was quite clear on my business direction until I had a session with Gordon Stone. The things that emerged from left field amazed me. Gordon has a natural gift for prizing things out of a person – then putting them into the right context – so the client can see where they are heading with their business.

Martin Urban – Inspired Focus International – Queensland, Australia

I recently participated in a major industry forum in Canberra, as both speaker and participant, which was facilitated by Gordon Stone. Although I was representing the private sector there was a large cross section of delegates from various public and private sector agencies, both large and small. I found Gordon was able to facilitate outcomes by encouraging all points of views to be tabled and respectfully acknowledged. I was particularly impressed with Gordon’s ability to summarise each speaker and ensure the significant points made were emphasised and recorded.

Ian Macleod – Managing Director, Peracto Pty Ltd. – Australia

When I sold my irrigation manufacturing business I knew I wanted to stay in the industry. However I wasn’t sure where to direct my efforts to achieve the income and quality of life that I knew I wanted. Gordon Stone was recommended to me as a person who could assist in establishing a new business model that would fit exactly what I wanted. Over the last 18 months we have gone through a system of clarifying my expectations of this new business, creating a business that now meets those criteria, establishing a sales and marketing program, defining my financial expectations, considering how to leverage different parts of the business, looking at alliances, etc. Above all I appreciated how Gordon...

Malcolm Thompson – Director, Freedom Irrigation – Toowoomba, Australia

We’ve already taken the first step, and what we did is we reached out, and incorporated Mark and his team (ABDI) to be a business coach. … We were getting angry, because we felt like we weren’t moving forward, and we needed to turn around and look outside that circle, and it went from narrow tunnel vision, to ‘let’s see where we can go’, and the mind shift in a very short period of time has been phenomenal, and (coming) to this event here (ADBI One Day Workshop), which has given us further mind shifts.

Danny Hood – Rural Boss. Queensland, Australia

The face-to-face meetings have been excellent – as I can interact with other like-minded people in agriculture who face similar challenges. The program is thought provoking and has delivered clear key take-home messages that I can and have put into action – and I can see will make a huge difference to our future. Thanks Gordon!

Michael McMahon – Abbotsleigh Citrus

ABDI provided me with an easy, step-by-step strategy to improve my business. Gordon and Mark's presentation, together with the (input of the) organisers gave me confidence to get the ball rolling for the next stage of our organics agribusiness.

Leo Maclean – Soft Agriculture/Mara Seeds

I found the ABDI program helped me become crystal clear on where to head the business. After being involved in the personal work we had to do as part of the program, it became very apparent that the direction of the business was too diverse – as a result of working it through, I am now very clear about EXACTLY what the business will do for its clients, exactly where the business is headed and I now have very clear goals and a pathway to get there. This is a vastly different position from when I started the program. Thanks so much.

Chris Temsen – Regional Manager, Peracto

I found the workshop extremely helpful, however, three quarters of the way through the day, a light bulb turned on and I realised I was in focusing on completely the wrong things. I wish we had started the afternoon session first. Both facilitators were brilliant and I especially enjoyed Mark stories to help us understand his points. We will go home and complete our “work-Ons” and we will make a decision regarding converting our business across.

Elisabeth Greet – The Certifier

Our Program Partners

ABDI has partnered with a range of organisations across Australia to deliver our programs

“I found the ABDI Mastermind program helped me become crystal clear on where to head the business.

It quickly became very apparent that the direction of the business was too diverse – but I now know EXACTLY what the business will do for its clients, exactly where the business is headed and have very clear goals and a pathway to get there.

This is a vastly different position from when I started the program.”

Chris Temsen – Regional Manager, Peracto

The Top 5 Golden Rules of a High Performing Agri-Business

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