Getting Money
From Lenders

To Support Your Business Management And Business Growth Aspirations


The Lender Ready Program bought to you by ABDI in collaboration with Meat & Livestock Australia, plus Dept of Agriculture and Fisheries, Qld and AgForce.

One of the biggest fears that agri-business owners have, is going to lenders and getting money...

Getting, managing and keeping your money is a really challenging and frustrating aspect of managing and growing your agribusiness.

In the current lending environment, having a simple, straightforward and systematic process to follow to get money is essential 

And when it comes to getting the money you need to grow your business, getting the tools, system and templates – plus direct access to proven specialists - will make your life far less painful. 


Watch this short video from ABDI Director Gordon Stone, talking about the struggles and fears agri-business owners like you are facing right now, and how you can fix them. 

Australian agriculture is comprised of hard-working, innovative people who are the essence of the quality food, fibre and goods we use in our everyday lives.

However, most are solid achievers, operating quietly in the background.

As a result, they often get less than is due to them.

When you start thinking about getting money from lenders, there is absolutely no substitute for getting it 100% right. 

To do that, you need to understand how lenders think and to use a system that is fit for purpose for their requirements.


The ABDI Lender Ready Program

Designed specifically for Australian agricultural businesses, and based on our practical experience of working directly with agri-business clients!

Getting the Paperwork Right and Fit for Purpose

Get systems and strategies to master how to organise your game plan to get money from lenders

Create a Business Plan and structure your Financials to demonstrate your capability

Access a team of business specialists who’ve created highly successful, effective loan applications

Join with other like-minded, progressive agri-business owners in a managed online group

Create Lender Ready Submission Content That Works for You
(and Lender)

Optimum result

Quantitative (money) + qualitative (suits you)

Business plan

Create your personalised plan of attack


Past, present and future financial reporting

Statement of Position

How to report your financial position

Financing Proposition

A proposition for getting money

How to engage

Speaking lender language

Designed For You To Take Your Business To The Next Level

The Program is suitable for agribusiness owners/managers across all agriculture sectors, and throughout the value chain (farming, grazing, supply of services and/or product manufacture and sale).

It is ideal if you:

✔︎ Are looking to undertake orderly and structured growth/expansion of your business

✔︎ Are trying to manage the business better, with greater discipline and focus (requiring money)

✔︎ Have defined plans to expand and fine tune its operations

✔︎ Have specific growth plans which need external funding

✔︎ Are currently determining how best to put a proposal forward for a loan or external funding (range of sources)

✔︎ Are at a loss how best to develop and put forward a proposal to a lender

✔︎ Genuinely feel that while you have the capability, you lack the skill to develop a structured funding application.

Listen To The Results From Others That Have Taken The Program

Find out what others think about working with ABDI, and how our programs have helped them develop and grow their businesses.


Carlie and Lauchie Ward
Beef Producers – QLD

Kym Thomas
Sheep Producer QLD

"The program is exactly what I had been looking for and has provided me with strategies, thought-provoking information and a myriad of ideas in a way that I can improve my business. It is engaging, informative and provided incredible knowledge in regards to better business practices."

Kerry Garside
Mixed Enterprise: Beef & Cropping, QLD

Invest In The Future Of Your Business

The Lender Ready Program: Doors Open Now For A Limited Time! 

A proven online program, with ‘how to do it’ workshop sessions, self-complete templates, specialty webinars and group sessions providing total flexibility on when and how you complete the content, so that you can fit it around your current business commitments.  A monthly group networking session hosted by Gordon Stone will also be held from 12:30-1:30 PM (AEST) with dates to be confirmed.

The Lender Ready Program

Total cost of $1,997 (upfront payment) and $1,497 per additional person from the business

You can work at your own pace - and in your own setting. But, you get the benefit of the delivery team + group discussion via the Special Topic Webinars + Group Discussion Sessions.

This package includes:

Online program and group sessions: 

Weekly online business materials - comprising: 

  • One module per week over 12 weeks
  • Each module of 3-4 sessions
  • Key sessions supported by self-complete Worksheets and Briefing Papers - to explain key concepts
  • Each session between 10-20 minutes long with instructions on how to self-complete templates
  • Templates provided - Business Plan in Word document format (answer the questions provided to complete the sections of the Plan) + Financials in Excel spreadsheet format (fill in the blanks)
  • Monthly group online sessions
  • Monthly special topic webinars
  • ABDI Member Portal and Resource Library access 


Yes Join Now!
  • This Program is focused towards you self-developing your own lender application materials – with guidance from ABDI.
  • It recognises that a self paced, home based program, using online group engagement is increasingly effective if you’re remotely based or subject to COVID restrictions
  • The optional Personal Business/Lender Readiness Mentoring package (upon application) features 1-on-1 sessions with your business mentor, designed to accelerate your progress towards your business (and personal) goals – and accessing funds.

Personal Business/Lender Readiness Mentoring - Upon Application

Some Business Owners will have Specialist Requirements in terms of Their Lender Engagement.

While the Lender Ready Program will help set up the system and process to engage with lenders – and be clear on “what you don't know you don't know” – sometimes there is no substitute for specific, personalised, 1:1 engagement between ABDI as advisers and specific clients seeking particular advice For Their Own Personal Needs. 

If you think this might be you, then a Personalised Call to Gordon Stone on phone 0408 063 229, to determine the extent to which we can assist and potential cost, is Step 1 in the process. 

You can book in a 30-minute, no obligation, free phone call to discuss your personal requirements. 

Or: please email to [email protected] to make an appointment

Enquire Now


We believe in what we do, and are confident you will too.

If you do not feel the program is providing value to your business, if you meet the approved terms and conditions, 100% of program fees will be refunded.

No risk to you.

Work at Your Own Pace Using A Structured Program 

Over 3-months, this flexible Program (fully online based, see below), features (click ‘+’ for more detail):

If the Online Program Format isn't for you

There are two alternatives:

1. The Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Lender Ready Template Option

The DIY Option provides you with the core Lender Ready Program Material - but without our 'paint by the numbers' support. You will get:

  • A Structure to work through, including:
  • All LRP Briefing Papers - changes to the lending marketplace; lender wants, needs and drivers (Government and Commercial) and core investor needs and requirements
  • Self-Complete Worksheets
  • The Business Plan Template - a Word document template, based on a series of questions and dot points for you to self-complete (by answering the questions and following the comments)
  • The Financials Template - based on Excel spreadsheets where you self-complete your last 3 years historical's, current financial year progress to date and 3-years financial forecasts (simply insert the numbers)
  • Recordings of Three Specialty Webinars - a Government Lender, a Commercial Lender and insights from a Corporate Advisor (outlines how to access Investors and investor funds)

but, best of all you DO get a complementary 1-Hour Phone or Online Session with Gordon Stone, ABDI Director, to discuss your personal position, areas of concern and frustration plus any areas of clarification.

You may also choose to buy The Personal Business Lender Readiness Mentoring Package to complement the DIY Lender Ready Template Option

Cost $497


More From ABDI Alumni...


Tom Perkins
Sheep and Beef Producer – QLD

ABDI provided me with an easy, step-by-step strategy to improve my business and gave me confidence to get the ball rolling for the next stage of our organics agribusiness.

Leo Maclean 
Soft Agriculture/Mara Seeds


If you have any more questions, feel free to get in touch:

Call: (07) 4615 2255

Email: [email protected]