Why do business owners get grumpy the moment the word “Vision” is used?

May 18, 2016
Posted on May 18, 2016

That vision word just seems to bring out the worst in many business owners – Why?

It’s simple – most business owners are good ‘doers’; they like the idea of planning … yet often find it hard to get started.  Getting their minds around EXACTLY where they want the business to be in 12-months, 2-years or let alone 5-years can be daunting.  Then add in ‘what do I want the business to do for me’ … for many people it all gets too much.

Then they grumble about the change in government, the unfolding weather patterns, the Aussie dollar … and on it goes.  That’s because they see these things being out of their control.

What if I said there are some business owners out there who factor all that in?  What if I said they have a Vision for precisely where they want the business to be – including plans for how to deal with all those uncertain things?  Maybe not exactly; but pretty much!

Why is having a vision so important?

In the last month I have spent ‘time on the road’ – first 2-weeks in the USA and 3-days last week travelling to Goondiwindi, Sydney and Byron Bay.  I meticulously planned the itineraries – scheduling meetings, making sure flights, hotels and cars all fitted neatly into an organised cost effective package.  You could say I created the most effective Road Map to get where I wanted to go!

Why?  I hate wasting time, effort and money.  And I want to do the right thing by my clients … plus be fully organised when running workshops, so our clients ALWAYS get what they came for.  I hear you say – what’s this got to do with a Business Vision?  Or a Personal Vision?  Everything!!

Over the last few months I have been fine tuning my Business Blueprint and my 180-Day Plan.  Why? It is to create efficiency not only for me, for the business at large and for my clients. I want to use my skills to the give the greatest possible benefit … to all.  My business must be A Well Oiled Machine.

I can only do that by being very clear on my niche in the market, the work I am so well equipped to deliver to clients, and being 100% sure that I can deliver what they need to build a better business.

A Road Map to get to an End Game

In short, I must have a crystal clear Road Map of how to get to where I want to go – the equivalent of getting to somewhere very definite or specific say in Sydney or somewhere in the US.  Lets call the destination The End Game.  The End Game might encompass the outcomes I have determined which might be money or time – a contribution to society; or be about food quality or meeting needs of particular markets; or for example investing in real estate – succession or retiring to do something different (perhaps at age 43 yrs!)

The Road Map is part of my Business Vision – the Business Vision is my business destination, my End Game.  The Business Vision is also directly about using my business to achieve my Personal Vision.  It must deliver on what I want out of life for me and for those around me.

First a question – then something for you!

First the question(s):

What does your Vision and plan for the future look like?  Is it specific and defined – or general or even relatively non- existent!  Or, if you have them; is your business or personal vision not nearly as clear as you would like?

Now the something.

Here at ABDI, we regard the Road Map and the End Game as being so important that we would like to give you an opportunity to work on the End Game Formula. Click here to start your ‘vision’ journey!

If you have any questions or need a check on how to start or tweak your business and / or personal vision, then the Agri-Business Management Program is a great place to start. You can also contact Gordon Stone at ABDI on (07) 4615 2255 or email him at [email protected].