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Next intake: 20-21 September 2018 - Wagga, NSW

Create a sustainable future and profitable business with the Agri-Business Management Program

A 12 Month Program designed to help you create an agri-business that meets your needs. Connect with
industry specialists, in a group of like-minded people to work through your key business issues, then work with
your personal mentor to start making the changes.

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Transform your business into a high performing agri-business

  • Do you have a high quality product, but aren’t sure how to maximise your return?

    Maximise the value of your Product: Develop your Unique Selling Point, and maximise profit through refining your target market and developing a compelling marketing proposition

  • Are you lacking clarity on how you will achieve your succession plan?

    Create a step-by-step game plan: Create a clear plan to manage your desired succession strategy, – whether it be bringing the kids into the business, getting an investor in, or selling up.

  • Do you feel like you’re “going it alone”?

    Support and Networking: Work with other motivated, progressive, like-minded agribusiness owners – share ideas and support one another

  • Is daily life getting in the way of working ON the business?

    Stay on track: Your personal mentor will support you to make changes in your business – through regular mentoring sessions and accountability tracking.


The program features material and presentation from industry specialists and business mentors, and focusses on 4 key areas (based around ABDI 12 Pillars of Best Practice).

  • – Your Product
  • – Your People
  • – Your Process
  • – Your Mindset

Some of the agri-business specific topics included are:

  • Succession or business transition
  • People management (staff, family etc)
  • Financial management and strategy

  • Managing family dynamics
  • Business growth/expansion
  • Product marketing, and more


This program is sponsored by the following partners (NOTE: it is suitable and available to all sectors across agriculture):


  • Gordon Stone
    Facilitator, Principal Mentor and Business Strategist
  • Mark McNamee
    Faciliator, Business Coach, Sales and Marketing Professional
  • Damian Street
    Corporate Adviser, Entrepreneur and Investor
  • David Stone
    Mentor and Facilitator
  • Clare McShane
    Senior Mentor

The 2018 intake of the Agri-Business Management Program commences:

20-21 September 2018 – WAGGA, NSW

Important: There is only one program intake in 2018 in each of Northern Australian (Brisbane) and Southern Australia (Wagga).


Subsidised positions available to Livestock/Mixed Farming businesses.
See second table for details.

Other grants /rebates also available – click here.

Program includes:

  • Monthly mentoring
  • 3x 2 day workshop sessions
  • Access to all training material


Monthly Payments (x12 months)
$6,995 $4,895
$582.92/month $332.92/month
$2,995 $2,095
$249.58/month $174.58/month

(Livestock / Mixed Farming)*

Monthly Payments (x12 months)
$4,495 $3,195
$374.58/month $266.25/month
$1,995 $1,395
$166.25/month $116.25/month

* Subsidy Eligibility

To qualify for the subsidised program pricing, your enterprise must meet the following criteria. In the current financial year, or one of the preceding 3x financial years:

  • The business must be, or have been, active within the livestock/mixed farming industries (Beef, Sheep [meat] or Goat across the value chain including services), and
  • At least 30% of the enterprise’s revenue must be forecast to be, or have been, derived from livestock/mixed farming related activities in at least one of those years.


To register for the program, please complete the Application Form via the link below. We will assess your application, and respond as soon as possible whether your application has been accepted.

The purpose of the application is to ensure that your business is a suitable fit for the program, and in turn the program is the right fit for your business. This is to ensure ‘the right people are in the room’, to maximise the effectiveness of the program for participants.


What if I want to bring someone else?

We advocate having as many as possible key decision-makers in the program at the one time. This is because sometimes a novel idea may be presented that requires all the decision-makers to be on the same journey, and make that decision together, so everyone is on the same page. Our pricing structure offers discounts for additional participants.

Can I be sure it’s for me?

That’s where a 1:1 conversation with one of our people will help – please give us a call or lodge a website enquiry.

I have limited time available to leave the farm and attend the workshops. How important are they?

The workshops are a vital part of the process. The value in stepping away from day-to-day work tasks, to work ON the business is huge. This allows you to absorb the content and leave those daily tasks back home so you can think big picture. And, interacting with like-minded business owners is also where valuable relationships (both personal and business) are made.

I have little technical business knowledge. Will this be a problem?

The program provides a well-rounded education on foundational business principles, based on the ABDI 12x Pillars of Business Best Practice. We make sure everyone has the foundations right and also deal with advanced concepts all owners and managers will benefit from.  It’s also interactive – meaning you get to ask your questions – either in the group or 1:1.

Who are the mentors?

Our mentors have varied backgrounds, with a strong focus on business management, and all have run their own businesses. This means they have experienced in the issues you face. You will be paired with a mentor based on your identified needs once joining the program.

How does the mentoring work?

it is built on monthly 1 hour sessions, where you reflect on the last month, including what you set out to achieve, what you actually have achieved, and then deciding what to do differently next month. The mentor acts as a sounding board and keeps you focused on what you want to achieve.

I have a good grasp on business and have a business that is running well. Will there still be something to gain?

We frequently use the saying ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’. Our aim is to present innovative ways of tackling business issues. Some of our mentors are corporate advisors who have extremely technical knowledge in complex business management practices, therefore people of all skills levels can benefit.

How much production related content do you cover?

Very minimal. While we recognise that though production and business are interlinked, we focus on the business side of things, because we believe this is an area that most businesses could improve on, and where significant gains in profitability, and piece of mind, can be made.

What are some of the topics you will cover?

The content is varied, however some topics that are extremely popular are: 1. “How to manage my staff” 2. “How to get everyone in the business on the same page” 3. “Bringing a more structured and disciplined approach to running the business” 4. “Managing my finances more effectively” 5. Undertaking a successful succession process” 6. “Boosting profitability by assessing your profit centres” 7. “Improving customer engagement and product marketing” and much more.

What if I decide the program is not right for my business?

We are committed to ensuring the program is the right fit for participants. While we have never had anyone take us up on the offer, there is a money back guarantee available. Terms and Conditions apply.


We believe in what we do, and are confident you will too.

If, after attending the first workshop event and first mentoring session, and completing all associated training materials, you feel you have not received value for money, we will refund your money in full.

No risk to you.