Webinar Recording: 5x Golden Rules to create a High Performing Agribusiness

Jul 04, 2017
Posted on Jul 04, 2017

Going through any business growth or change process can be confronting. And, it might seem like a daunting challenge to get your agri-business to where you ultimately want it to be – around profitability, work-life balance, family considerations etc.

But, by following some fairly simple rules, you can create a mindset and system that will make the process much easier. In this webinar, we’ll explore 5 x Golden Rules that should be considered when going through a business growth or change process.

These rules have been developed as a result of working with scores of agribusinesses over several decades. Presenters Gordon Stone and Mark McNamee are experienced facilitators in the business change process, and are keen to share their experiences.

Watch the webinar recording below.

Download webinar recording | Download slides