“The enemy of a great life is a good life”

“The enemy of a great life is a good life”.

We went to a seminar last weekend – around mindset and attitudes towards success – where the presenter used this quote. I had heard it before – but it was so good to hear it again. This has to be one of the most meaningful and motivating quotes I have ever come across. Whether it’s related to business or personal development – it is worth considering how this notion applies to you.

For me, it comes down to a word that gets under my skin – “complacency”. It’s easy to become complacent and settle for “good enough” (that’s especially easy in Australia – where good is actually pretty good). Because with “good enough,” it’s not confronting, you don’t get challenged, and you don’t really have to put yourself out there (and potentially ‘fail’).

That’s the reason such a significant portion of the population stay in “good enough”. It’s a comfortable place to be, but especially hard to pull yourself out of once you are settled in. And then complacency takes hold.

With good enough, we don’t grow, we don’t learn, and we certainly don’t realise our potential.

But if you’re reading this, it’s likely that you don’t want “good enough” – it’s likely that you want “great”.

And great can mean a number of things – maybe working in something you are passionate about, doing the “impossible” and creating a diverse business that offers passive income, or being “financially free” – so you and your family can have a lifestyle of pursuing passions and spending quality time together without stress always hanging over your head.

It’s important to think about really define what a “great life” looks like for you – around business, family, finances, your own desires – this is your Vision. Once you have defined what great means for you, you need to own it, and build it into your business from Day 1. We call it the “End in Mind” – set your business up so it has the End in Mind, and that way everything you do will be working towards a “great life” for you and your family.

This is where we believe any business expansion or re-design process must start – at the end. And this is what we focus on in all of our programs.  If you want more information go here.

So what does your “Vision” and “End in Mind” look like?

David Stone

ABDI Operations Manager

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