Beef producers are seeing the benefits of taking time out to work ON the business

The “Better Beef Business” workshops, as part of the Northern Beef Business Mentoring Program, have commenced in Southern Qld, with a well attended first workshop in Durong.

These workshops are focussed on Producers taking some time out, to do some strategic thinking, and undertake a stocktake of their business. Producers were able to have open and honest discussions about issues facing their businesses, with other participants sharing their ideas and solutions. Discussions were facilitated by program mentors to ensure time was spent effectively.

Participant Philip Coe noted that “the workshop was very informative. Gordon and Mark’s presentation was very knowledgeable and made me sit back and think of some strategic areas of our business that could do with some improvement. The day definitely set out some positive strategies in which we can use to make our business more profitable.”

Bec Seiler said “I found the workshop to be insightful, and will hopefully stimulate action in areas of our business that we can see need to change to help in overall growth.”

The workshops are designed to get producers thinking about the top three things they could do that would see them move towards their goals for their businesses. For those that feel they would benefit, the workshops are followed up by a longer term mentoring program – the 12 Month CEO Mentoring Program. The mentoring program is focussed on educating producers around the 12 Pillars of Business Best Practice, and supporting as they go about changing and improving their businesses.

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