Beef CEO Mentoring Program paying dividends for participants

Nov 21, 2016
Posted on Nov 21, 2016

The Beef CEO Mentoring Program is already proving its worth to participant enterprises – and things are only just getting started.

“Already the progress of some participants is astounding – and it’s been a little over a month since we kicked off the latest round of the Beef CEO Mentoring Program” said ABDI Program Mentor Gordon Stone.

“One participant told me during their mentoring session that their top work-on was… ‘Go and talk to the customer’. Now, several conversations later with their processor customer, ideas are emerging around how to supply a more profitable high value product that benefits everyone and develops a longer term game plan where everybody wins.

Another has participated in a property tour and early discussions with an Asian customer looking to invest in Australian beef businesses.

Another enterprise is actively planning their business expansion based around their personal strengths and bringing one and potentially two of their children into the business – and are close to finalising the paperwork necessary to attract external investors to raise the necessary capital.

It’s just so exciting to see how people expand their thinking when they spend the time necessary to get more clarity, focus and direction about where they want to take their businesses in future,” Gordon said.

Ian Stark (and Jeanne Seifert) of Seifert Belmont Reds met a Vietnamese business group

Business focus leads to expanded mindset and opportunities

The 12 month business mentoring program is focused on helping beef businesses get clear on where they are heading – and to make sure they are investing time and energy in the most profitable activities for their businesses.

Participants work with mentors around key business issues for the own enterprises.

The Program is about ‘business’ more so than ‘production’ – recognizing that these days, an increasing source of frustration for beef business owners is the ‘business side of things’, such as succession planning, financial management, staff management, and analyzing then interacting with their customers in varied marketplaces. Participants work through the ABDI 12 Pillars on Business Best Practice – which provides a solid foundation on which to grow their businesses. Personal mentoring sessions provide the opportunity for participants to get support when working through the main issues for their own enterprises.

The next intake commences on the 11-12 May in Brisbane.

More information on the program can be found here, or contact Gordon Stone from ABDI on (07) 4615 2255 or [email protected].

Part of the Beef Business Mentoring Program

The Beef Business Mentoring Program is supported by the Agri-Business Development Institute (ABDI), MLA Donor Company, AgForce, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Queensland (DAFQ) and Crowe Horwath.