ABDI Featured in Meat & Livestock Australia’s Feedback Magazine

Apr 26, 2018
Posted on Apr 26, 2018

There’s more to running a successful agri-business than maximising your production, or even knowing your financials.

That’s why ABDI runs business management programs for agricultural businesses, focussing on a range of business issues, yet not on production. This is a view supported by MLA, with the ABDI approach and programs being recently featured in the MLA Feedback magazine.

Feedback magazine is the red meat and livestock industry journal, signposting producers to practical on farm information and the latest technological advances that are putting Australian producers in a globally competitive position.

“Many people are confident in their  production skills, but are looking for help to manage the business and people side of things,” Gordon (ABDI Director) said.

“They feel they could be doing more to capitalise on opportunities in today’s marketplace but don’t know where to start, or who to go to for support.”

“It is about creating a disciplined, healthy business that is attractive to investors,” he said.

“Investors may be banks, external financial investors, or the younger generation who want to invest ‘sweat equity’ or financial capital into their family business.”

Feedback features production information and case studies, snapshots of MLA’s global marketing campaigns and recipes from our foodservice and retail initiatives. A hard copy of Feedback magazine is delivered bi-monthly to MLA members.

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