Malcolm Thompson – Director, Freedom Irrigation – Toowoomba, Australia

When I sold my irrigation manufacturing business I knew I wanted to stay in the industry. However I wasn’t sure where to direct my efforts to achieve the income and quality of life that I knew I wanted. Gordon Stone was recommended to me as a person who could assist in establishing a new business model that would fit exactly what I wanted. Over the last 18 months we have gone through a system of clarifying my expectations of this new business, creating a business that now meets those criteria, establishing a sales and marketing program, defining my financial expectations, considering how to leverage different parts of the business, looking at alliances, etc. Above all I appreciated how Gordon was able to support and guide me through this development process. We now keep in touch on an occasional basis and discuss opportunities that emerge to grow the business. I am very happy to recommend the business coaching and business development program used by Gordon and the Corporate Development Institute.ȋ