Organics is your answer.

Organics has been one of Australia’s best performing industries over the past few years. Demand, both in Australia and globally, for organic products is continually rising, with an increasing portion of the population being conscious of the source of their food, the method of production and the associated health considerations.

A reported growth trajectory of 12-15%, unmatched by any other industry, means huge opportunities for those in the organics space.

Unfortunately, a lot of agribusinesses will miss this opportunity.

They think Organic certification is too complex and confusing, or that Organics won’t deliver in comparison to conventional agriculture.

Are you interested in becoming an organic farmer?

Some of the common questions people ask include:

  • How complex is the certification process?
  • How long until I start making good returns from organics?
  • How will I find a buyer for my product?
  • How much will the transition to organics cost me?
  • How do I deal with weeds and pests?

Or maybe you’re already certified?

The most important question that you should be asking is:

“How do I maximise the value of certification – by targeting high value markets, where the customer is prepared to pay premium price to access the quality organic product that I produce?”

ABDI’s Organics Programs

Simplifying organic certification and maximising your return on investment.

ABDI works with the key Australian organic certifying and representative organisation Australian Organic (AO) to develop and present programs to assist you in making the transition to organics and maximise your returns. Through ABDI and AO’s programs, our experts will take you through a step by step process and provide in depth insights on:

  • The certification process – avoid the costly mistakes and false starts by planning ahead.
  • Structure of the organic market and value chain, highlighting niches that can be tapped and exploited.
  • Likely buyers for your products, and their mindset and buying habits.
  • How Organics compares with conventional systems, i.e. inputs / yields / returns, and where profits will really come from.


ABDI regularly run workshops and webinars for those interested in entering the Organics industry, or for those who want to maximise their returns from targeted sales and marketing to niche customers. To find our more, enquire below.

And, ABDI will take things a step further for you

Not only will we help demystify the certification process, ABDI’s in depth knowledge of Australian and Asian markets will help you truly understand the value that organic certification can bring. Accessing the organic market is literally providing the key to customers that are willing to pay top dollar for your product; where:

  • You can ask for premium prices for your products.
  • You can access markets that were previously locked to you.
  • A more profitable business is closer than you think.

Here’s a quick word from Australian Organic about the organic business building programs.


Get in contact now to find out more information on how we can help you take the next step:

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