The 1 Day “Agribusiness by Design” Workshop creates a setting where agribusiness owners and managers take time out of their business, become the “outsider looking in” and spend quality time working ON their Businesses.

In this 1 day workshop, we’ll work together to identify your agribusiness’ major issues are. Whether it’s drought, staffing issues, succession planning or just confusion about where your business is going, we’ll start to map out some strategies to get you on the right track, towards a more profitable agribusiness.

Who is it for

Who’s it for?

  • ABDI runs programs across the whole agribusiness sector – from farmers, to service providers, to advisers
  • Additional benefits through the cross-over of varied industries – through shared learnings
  • The program is for those with a financial or operational interest in an agribusiness (such as business owners, business directors, managers and shareholders).
  • Program attendees range from established enterprises looking to do a stocktake of their business, through to those just starting out in the industry.



 Workshop highlights

The 1-day interactive “Agribusiness by Design” workshops take you through a structured process of:

  • Looking at the changing market place and best practice global agribusinesses
  • Reviewing how your agribusiness measures up
  • Establishing your Vision for the future (business, financial and personal)
  • Identifying what one, two or three things you could do to make a real difference to your bottom line, and to achieve your Vision.



What we did is we reached out, and incorporated Mark and his team (at ABDI) to be a business coach. … We were getting angry, because we felt like we weren’t moving forward … The mind shift in a very short period of time has been phenomenal, and (coming) to this event here (ADBI One Day Workshop), which has given us further mind shifts.

Danny Hood – Rural Boss

Designed for agribusinesses, because you are unique

  • Focused on meeting the needs of agri-businesses – from farmers, to service providers, to those in the value chain.
  • Learn how you can make more money from your enterprise, by running a smarter and more efficient operation.
  • Presentations by agribusiness sales coaches and industry professionals.
  • Interactive sessions to learn from and share ideas with other like-minded and agribusiness owners and managers.
  • Opportunities to discuss your own business with the experienced ABDI team.
  • Specialist guest presenters on key issues.


 What can you expect from the workshop?

Session 1—What’s happening in the global marketplace?

The global marketplace is constantly changing. Mainstream businesses are constantly evolving. It’s important to understand
what’s happening in all types of business, not just agri-business. New ‘rules’, new ‘best practice’, new ‘protocols’ and more…
complement conventional ways of doing business. As a business CEO, you need to be exposed to this thinking to be sure you
are up-to-date and can make informed decisions about the extent to which these change might influence or support your
business growth and expansion.

Session 2—Best practice of highly profitable global agri-businesses

Like it or not, mainstream business influences agri-business. And yet, innovation occurs throughout the food and fibre value
chain. Changes in one sector inevitably influence the next. Changes in the thinking and action of global commodity and more
importantly high value niche consumers influences our consumption patterns, acceptable quality parameters and so on, all
leading to pricing decisions by consumers. Learn how to make ‘the price conversation’ last, when the deal is done. We’ll also
start working through the ABDI 12 x Pillars of Business Success, which have been specifically designed for business owners to
understand where they real issues lie in their business, and what they can do to fix them.

Session 3—Your Top 3x ‘Work-Ons’

In our experience there are ALWAYS at least 3 ‘Growth Stoppers’. In this session, you determine how they impede your growth
and operations. They might be Your People, Your Markets or Your Product. Through knowing exactly what they are, you can start
to work out what action to take. We help you translate this into what we call your “Top 3 Work-Ons”, the action needed (called
the ‘Steps to Change’) to solve these fundamental impediments to your growth and operations.

Session 4—The Steps to Change

Working out what you need to do is one thing. Working out how to do it is completely different. Putting in place the Steps
needed is the only answer. Our system of ‘Steps to Change’ allows you to keep on top of making the change over time, so you
can look back and measure your success, then keep going



… And we’ll give you an introduction to ABDI’s 12 x Pillars of Business Best Practice

  • Personal and business vision
  • Markets, products and customers
  • Operating as a corporate entity
  • Teams and managing people
  • Finances and financials
  • Systems

  • Risk
  • Contract management
  • Succession
  • Value adding and leverage
  • Sales and marketing
  • Communication

upcoming workshops

Upcoming Workshops:


During 2017, workshops will be held throughout Queensland and NSW.

Please stay tuned for the finalised 2017 calendar of events.

However if you would like a program run in your area, please get in touch and let us know.



What will it cost?

  • $395 per person, or
  • $695* as a couple or 2 x business partners
  • Places are limited to ensure sufficient one-on-one time
  • Backed by our 100% Guarantee#, so no risk to you.

* We recognise the importance of having all decision makers (business partners / spouses) present when commencing any business examination and change process—that’s why discounts apply for additional people per organisation.

# If after completing one of our programs and all associated training materials you feel you have not received value, we will refund you in full. We stand by our work – and believe you will too. 

Prices include GST. All workshop fees are tax deductible.