“Working with Northern Beef Businesses to identify your key issues … then mentoring and supporting you through the change process … with the aim of transforming your business into a High Performing Beef Enterprise.”

MLA (through its MLA Donor Company or MDC), the Qld Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAFQ), AgForce and the Agri-Business Development Institute (ABDI) have partnered to deliver the Northern Beef Business Mentoring Program. This program is about working with northern beef enterprises, to take them to the “the next level” of business thinking, skills and profitability.

The focus is on mentoring beef enterprises through a business transformation process – to make sure they accurately identify what needs to change in their business, and to work together to ensure that change happens.

Who is it for

Who’s the Program for?

  • Any Beef Producer in the Northern Beef Industry who wants to improve the profitability of their business is encouraged to apply.
  • This includes Queensland, Northern Territory and northern Western Australia (Carnarvon and north).
  • The program is for those with a financial or operational interest in a beef business (such as business owners, business directors, managers and shareholders).
  • Program fee discounts are available.

How will it work?

Find out more about the various program components:



What will I get out of it?

Webinars / Teleconferences

  • Regular webinar sessions will provide you with valuable information about the changing beef markets, and with practical tips on business management and business building. They range across topics in the ABDI 12 Pillars of Business Best Practice.
  • If your internet connection doesn’t support webinars, a teleconference option is also available. And if you can’t make the session, you can download the audio to listen to later, as long as you register.

1 Day “Better Beef Business” Workshop

  • The workshop is designed to create a setting where beef business owners and managers take time out of their business, become the “outsider looking in” and spend quality time working ON their Business.
  • The Workshop demonstrates how a global best practice beef enterprise works, and you’ll assess how your enterprise measures up. It also provides insights into global beef market opportunities.
  • You’ll identify your Top 3 “Work-Ons”—the 3-things which are your major business growth stoppers or barriers to financial and personal success.
  • We then define your own personal “Steps to Change”. We collectively map out how to start your change process —to implement your own Work-Ons, and give you a way to measure your success.
  • For more information on the workshop, including dates and locations of upcoming workshops, or to enquire about the program, click below.

12 Month CEO Mentoring Program

  • The Mentoring Program supports you through the change process, and this is where your business transformation really begins. We know that the hardest part is not working out what needs to change—the hardest part is following through and making the changes happen.
  • Includes a combination of face-to-face discussion based workshops, online home based training materials, group webinar/teleconference sessions and personal call-in days.
  • Follows a systematic and holistic approach, based on the ABDI 12 Pillars of Business Best Practice. Participants will learn about each pillar, how it can be best applied to their business—and be mentored through the implementation process.
  • Enables networking with motivated, like-minded beef industry personnel, who can share ideas about their own problems and solutions.
  • It provides access to speakers and mentors with experience in the business change process.


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“It’s not about working more hours. It’s not even about getting more out of your land. It’s more about what we call ‘internal profitability’. This is about addressing your business skills, your mindset and your ability to change. This is where the real profit and business growth opportunities lies.”



Program Schedule

  • Webinars/teleconferences will be commencing in June 2016 and running regularly throughout the program. Check out the webinar topics and dates here.
  • Workshops will commence in June 2016. During 2016, the program of events will cover southern and central Queensland, Alice Springs in the NT and Broome in WA, moving to other regions in 2017. Check the program of events to find out whether there is one scheduled in your area.
  • However if you’d like a program run in your area, contact us and let us know.
  • It’s important to have all key decision makers present when commencing your business examination and change process—that’s why the program is being held in rural and regional locations. Program discounts for additional attendees per organisation also apply.

Partner Logos

An MLA Donor Company R&D initiative

This Program is jointly funded by the MLA’s Donor Company (MDC) and financial partners including the Agri-Business Development Institute (ABDI), Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAFQ) with input from AgForce. The MDC is partly funded by the Federal Government rather than meat industry levies. MDC funds must be co-matched dollar for dollar by external organisations. The purpose is to promote commercially focussed Research and Development (R&D) leading to development of innovative commercial products and services that will facilitating practice change within the red meat industry.

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