nt-government-and-mdcBeef Business Owners – would you like the opportunity to work on some key issues for your business, such as:

  1. Setting your business up for growth / expansion
  2. Increasing income and profit — by reviewing your current (and potential) markets and engaging key, high value customers
  3. Core production issues – and understanding how this relates to high value markets
  4. Succession – is this about handing the business onto the next generation, or setting it up for sale, or attracting an investor
  5. Better managing people — including workers, plus contractors and improving family dynamics
  6. Creating a high performing business – that meets your / your family’s needs
  7. How to react to changing climate conditions

The “Better Beef Business” Workshops are your opportunity to get some straight advice from agri-business mentors – and do your own organised thinking – about some of the difficult questions you’re been asking yourself about your business.

Workshops are being run as part of the Northern Beef Business Mentoring Program – and focuses on the “business” and “people” aspects of a beef enterprise, to move towards the “next level” of business thinking, skills and profitability.

The focus is on interactive discussion, to work out together what your “pain points” are.  Whether it’s drought, staffing issues, succession planning or just confusion about where your business is going, the program will assist in mapping out some strategies to get you on the right track, towards a more profitable beef business.

 The Program is an initiative of the Agribusiness Development Institute (ABDI), MLA (through the MLA Donor Company [MDC]), and the NT DPIR.

Who is it for

What’s it about?

  • Business … not production. The program’s focus is on the “business” side of things, and the “people” that run the business. Production is where you are a specialist – the program will help improve the foundational business elements that support this.
  • Getting you out of the paddock, and into a supportive setting – where you can think differently, and work ON the business, not IN the business.
  • Exposure to new ways of thinking – about markets, customer engagement, systematising your business, succession – amongst other things.
  • Networking with motivated, like-minded beef industry personnel, who can share ideas about their own problems and solutions.
  • Personal work time for you to work on your own business, and access to speakers and mentors with experience in the business change process.


Mark McNamee (ABDI Senior Associate) talks about the importance of getting started – often that hardest part – and a focus of the Program.


 Workshop highlights

  • Demonstration of how a global best practice beef enterprise works, and you’ll assess how your enterprise measures up.
  • Provide insights into global and domestic beef market opportunities – with the latest information from MLA and others.
  • Identification of your Top 3 “Work-Ons”—the 3 x things you need to change to get your business on the right track – based around the 12 Pillars of Business Best Practice.
  • Mapping out your own personal “Steps to Change”. We collectively map out how to start your change process — to implement your own Work-Ons, and give you a way to measure your success.

You’ll start to work through what changes are needed to ensure your business delivers what you want it to achieve. This takes place in a closed group of like-minded people who also want to make the same or similar changes to their business. The program is structured so that there is an opportunity for full and frank discussion between presenters and participants – this is often where the real gems emerge!

upcoming workshops


4 November – Alice Springs


“The workshop was very informative. Gordon and Mark’s presentation was very knowledgeable and made me sit back and think of some strategic areas of our business that could do with some improvement. The day definitely set out some positive strategies we can use to make our business more profitable.”

Philip Coe – Durong QLD

Workshop Cost:

  • $70* per person
  • $100* per couple or 2x business partners
  • $40 per additional person from the same organisation

* Participant costs are currently subsidised by the program financial partners. Over time, prices will increase to retail rates.
* It is critical to have all key decision makers present when commencing any business examination and change process—that’s why the program is being held in rural and regional locations—and program discounts apply.



Please RSVP prior to Tuesday 25 October to Pieter Conradie (NT DPIR) at pieter.conradie@nt.gov.au or 0438 848 023.

For further information, please also contact Gordon Stone (ABDI) at info@abdi.com.au or (07) 4615 2255.


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