Build a business that’s easier to manage, and focussed on growth

with the Agri-Business Management Program

Create a sustainable, high-performing business, with this unique,
online-based 12 month business management program, d
specifically for Australian agricultural businesses.

Participate from your own home, at your own pace.

  • Gain confidence around your business decision making
  • Get clear on the direction of your business, and create a plan to get there
  • Build a more consistent, better performing, and lower stress business
  • No longer feel isolated or alone in your business growth process
  • Free up your time and become more productive.

Australian agricultural is comprised of the hard-working, innovative people, who are
the essence of the quality food, fibre and goods we use in our everyday lives.

However, most are silent achievers, and often get less than is due to them.

This program is designed to change that, to help you build a business to achieve

Achieve More with Less – by working ON the business

Get systems and strategies to master your money management, market your product/service and manage your people

Access a team of business specialists and mentors, who have built businesses and ‘been there before’

Join with other like-minded, progressive agricultural business owners / managers

Create a Plan for the business to work towards and follow

Designed for those looking to take their business to the next level

The program is suitable for agribusiness owners, managers, and entrepreneurs across all agricultural sectors.

It is ideal if you:

– Are looking to undertake orderly and structured growth / expansion of your business

– Are trying to get the business under control and operating more smoothly

– Are currently, or a planning on, undertaking a succession planning process

– Are moving to new markets, and looking for a market penetration plan

– Have ‘people management’ issues you would like to resolve

– Are looking to fine-tune business management elements of your business, such as marketing or financial management.

Simple to complete, commence any time, and work at your own pace

Over 12 months, this flexible program features:

Practical, structured online business materials

• Business management learning materials, built around ABDI’s 12 Pillars, delivered to you monthly online
• Developed and presented by business owners and specialists
• Access to the ABDI Member Only Portal, with business templates, How-To guides and more

Group online networking sessions

• Catch up with others in the program regularly, via ABDI’s online group discussion platform
• Review content from the program in an informal group setting
• Find out how other progressive businesses are solving their problems and building their businesses

Personal business mentoring sessions (part of the mentoring package)

• Monthly call-in sessions with your mentor (more intensive coaching also available on request)
• Get advice and support from business owners / specialists who have ‘been there before’
• Be kept accountable and on track when building your business

Face-to-face workshops (optional extra)

• Optional workshop sessions throughout the 12 month program
• Connect face-to-face with other business owners
• Work through real life case studies, and be exposed to leading thinking around specialist business topics

Build the foundations for an effective business


The program works through a range of topics designed to improve your business skills. Some of these include:

Business Direction

Create a plan of action for the business

Cash flow management

Better manage cash flow - the lifeblood of your business.

Business decision making

Get strategies to improve communication and decision making

Marketing tools

Reach more people with more focussed marketing

Selling and negotiation

Get simple strategies to improve confidence around selling

Managing people

Improve the way you manage staff, family, contractors


Using succession as a business growth tool

Live a more balanced life

Improve work/life balance and plan your personal future

To see the online platform that you will use to complete the program, and an example of a topic you will work through, please click the button below:

Invest in the future of your business


Base Package

$195 per month
  • – Monthly online business materials
  • – Monthly group online sessions
  • – Monthly special topic presentations
  • – ABDI Member Portal and Resource Library access
  • – ABDI Agri-Business Mastermind Group Access

NB: Additional people at $95/month


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Fast-Track Mentoring Package

$395 per month
  • – Monthly online business materials
  • – Monthly group online sessions
  • – Monthly special topic presentations
  • – ABDI Member Portal and Resource Library access
  • – ABDI Agri-Business Mastermind Group Access
  • +
  • – Personal Mentoring (12 sessions)

NB: additional people at $195/mth


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What is included, and how much work is required each month?

You’ll receive 1x module each month, which includes videos and worksheets, and this usually takes 1-2 hours to complete.

Also included in a monthly group online networking session, where you will spend 1 hour connecting with other business owners.

You’ll also have the opportunity to participate in a monthly ‘special topic’ session, where we invite a guest presenter to talk on a specialist business topic.

If you have chosen the fast track mentoring package, this will include a 1 hour personal mentoring session for your business.

Therefore, you should allow 4-5 hours per month, depending on the package you have chosen.

What if I don't have good internet speed, can I still participate?

The ABDI Member Portal has been optimized for people with poor internet speeds.

For example, the platform is hosted on a server based in Brisbane, rather than other sites that might be based in the United States, Russia or somewhere like this.

You also have the ability to dial in via your phone to the member only webinar sessions, and your group coaching sessions. This means all you need a phone connection rather than good internet.

I have little technical business knowledge. Will this be a problem?

The program provides a well-rounded education on foundational business principles, based on the ABDI 12x Pillars of Business Best Practice. We make sure everyone has the foundations right and also deal with advanced concepts all owners and managers will benefit from.  It’s also interactive – meaning you get to ask your questions – either in the group or 1:1.

How much more beneficial will the Fast-Track Mentoring Package be over the Base Package?

The major difference is that the Fast-Track Mentoring Package includes 12 monthly 1:1 mentoring sessions.These personal sessions build accountability, provide a sounding board for business decisions you need to make. However, they also allow you work at a deeper level, where you will work on the underlying factors (i.e. the causes) rather than simply managing the issues (i.e. the effects). As a result, you’ll be able to make considerable progress in a short amount of time.

You’ll also get access to ABDI’s coaching portal, where you’ll be able to record your progress, commitments, actions and generally keep accountable with your mentor.

If you are really looking to fast-track your business growth journey, fortnightly or even weekly sessions are also available (at additional cost, but discounted for program participants).

Who are the coaches and mentors?

Our mentors have varied backgrounds, with a strong focus on business management, and all have run their own businesses. This means they have experienced in the issues you face. You will be paired with a mentor based on your identified needs once joining the program.

Who are the other participants in the program?

  • Others in the program are generally business owners, managers, and entrepreneurs across a range of agricultural sectors.
  • They generally have a particular mindset – looking at opportunities rather than problems.
  • Also they want to be challenged with outside-the-square thinking, recognising that their way of looking at life may need to be challenged or is non-serving.
  • Generally they are prepared to freely share their thoughts with others – noting commercial in confidence though often that is less important than being ‘able to share’ and get feedback.

How much production related content do you cover?

Very minimal. While we recognise that production and business are interlinked, we focus on the business side of things. In general, many in agriculture are comfortable in managing the production side of the business, however are often uncomforatble and are looking for suport on teh managing the business. It is also an area where significant gains in profitability, and peace of mind, can be made.

What if I decide the program is not right for me and my business?

We are committed to ensuring the program is the right fit for participants. While we have never had anyone take us up on the offer, there is a money back guarantee available. This is only available up until the end of the second month of the program, and you must demonstrate that you have completed all of the supplied content (learning modules, worksheets and any other form) and participated in all of the group sessions for the full duration. Further terms and conditions apply.


We believe in what we do, and are confident you will too.

If you do not feel the program is providing value to your business, if you meet the approved terms and conditions, 100% of program fees will be refunded.

No risk to you.

Base Package


  • Monthly online business materials +
  • Monthly group online sessions +
  • Monthly special topic presentations +
  • ABDI Member Portal and Resource Library access +
  • ABDI Agri-Business Mastermind Group Access

NB: Additional people at $95/month


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Fast-Track Mentoring Package


  • Base Package +
  • Personal Mentoring (12 sessions)

NB: additional people at $195/mth


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