Why do this?

ABDI was established because over the last 27 years, its Founder and Director Gordon Stone has worked with a range of people throughout the rural and regional food and fibre sectors, who have been doing innovative things. These are the people who make Australian agriculture iconic, and make us world leaders in this space. Many are the silent achievers who do so much and in many cases get less than is due to them. Our job is to change that.

Agribusinesses – farmers and their service providers – are the essence of supplying the high quality food we eat and the goods we use in our everyday lives. And it is the firm belief of Gordon and the ABDI team that it’s only fair they GET THE BEST POSSIBLE FINANCIAL RETURN on effort expended. That’s where we come in. ABDI’s focus is on working with the top, forward thinking agribusiness operators to achieve those goals.

We want you to be crystal clear about what you want out of life. We want you to create the specific business which can be the vehicle to achieve what you want. Our End Game is to focus those we work with on creating a self-managing business they can leave in the hands of others to run, or to sell to one of the many investors out there seeking involvement in Australian agribusiness.

What ABDI can do for you?

What we do

Have you always thought that making more money, expanding the business and providing a better life for your family, simply comes down to working longer hours or selling more product? This is an outdated mindset, and one that ABDI is seeking to change.

How we do it

Group programs—our experience is that putting a group of like-minded agribusiness people in a room where they step away from their business for 1-2 days to Work ON their business is the #1 support we can provide. Our on-going business mentoring helps in the change and transition process from where you are now … to where you want to be.

In cases where focussed effort or fast tracked outcomes are required, we also act in an advisory roles 1 on 1 with clients.

Meet the team

Gordon Stone – Founder and Director

Gordon has operated in the agri-business sector since 1991 and has exceptional skills in strategy and business management. He has a diverse background, ranging from running events (from field days through to country music festivals), to strategic planning and advice for organisations such as University of Southern QLD and Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture. His real skills and passion lie in supporting smaller business owners improving and making positive changes in their businesses. He is a master group facilitator, and believes in the power of supportive group settings, where business owners can interact with like-minded individuals. Gordon is also an Adjunct Professor at USQ.

David Stone – Operations Manager

David comes from a background of working in large corporate businesses as a project manager. A love of agriculture and family businesses brought him back into the family business (he is Gordon’s son).
He uses his background to assist smaller family businesses in creating systems and processes that can improve efficiencies, as well as looking to improve communication amongst business decision makers.


Mark McNamee – Marketing Professional and Sales Coach

Mark is a strategic thinker and marketing professional who also is a skilled group process facilitator. While Mark has an agronomy background, he has worked as a Sales Coach and Key Account Manager at some of Australia’s largest agribusinesses. He brings an understanding of how corporate agribusinesses manage their sales and marketing operations.


damian street3Damian Street – Principal Adviser

Damian is a professional corporate adviser, full time investor and business owner / entrepreneur who has a wide experience in a range of sectors including property, manufacturing, service companies and retail (with some agribusiness). He is currently the Chairman of the ABDI Advisory Board, and provides his professional services to ABDI’s clients. He has key skills in and advises on the following areas: (1) Engaging investor ready businesses with aligned investors (2) Corporate Governance (3) Strategy development (4) Financial management (5) Business Development planning (6) Franchise Conversions (7) Restructuring, and (8) Shareholder Value generation activities.

Clare McShane – Senior Mentor

As the founder and Managing Director of Casaveen Knitwear, Clare has been successful in the business world for 27 years. Clare has participated on a variety of boards including Brand Tasmania, the Australian Regional Development Board and Tasmanian Quality Wool Trading Board. Clare has many year’s experience in and around small business. She has participated in a number of business courses and mastermind groups, allowing her to expand her knowledge and expertise in the world of business.

Liz Ballantyne – Marketing Manager

Growing up on a farm in the Darling Downs region gave Liz a passion for the land and the agricultural industry. Some of her fondest memories involve mustering cattle, helping with harvest, and brewing a good pot of billy tea. Now, Liz uses her skills as a marketing professional to help build relationships with others in the agricultural industry. Her love of the land, along with her strong passion in helping organisations communicate well with stakeholders and achieving their business goals, makes her a great asset to the ABDI team.

Lee O’Dwyer – Principal Adviser

Lee is a Charted Accountant and Chartered Secretary with 15 years of senior financial and corporate experience. Lee has previously been an executive of an ASX200 company, and has also held several ASX and other directorships during his professional career. Lee has developed a wealth of experience in corporate transactions, successfully completing numerous complex equity raises, takeovers, share buy-backs and asset acquisitions and divestments, and successfully secured corporate, project and guarantee finance facilities. Lee has consulted to numerous businesses in Australia & overseas, and is the founder and current Director of Cape Advisory, a corporate advisory firm. Lee also heads up our business advisory division, ABDI Advisory.


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