Gordon Stone – Business Strategist and ABDI Founder/Director

Gordon has operated in the agri-business sector since 1991. He is skilled in strategy and business management – in particular assisting organisations in gaining greater clarity about their direction, in the pursuit of creating profitable businesses that meet their owner’s needs. He began his journey with the United Graziers Association in a policy advisor role, before moving to start his own consulting practice. This company delivered a range of events, including the Meat Profit Days, Better Grain Days and a number of other field day events. It also consulted to a number of R&D organisations on the effectiveness of extension/adoption and R&D projects.

His passion for small-medium businesses, and the people who ran them, led him to run conferences and events related to building successful businesses – where he eventually started to run smaller educational programs, as these were considered more effective in helping business make the changes they needed to. The Agri-Business Development Institute (ABDI) was born, which runs educational and mentoring programs in the agribusiness space – designed on a base level to improve business owners’ business skills, but ultimately to get them to think outside the square and in a more professional and disciplined way – something that is vital in this day and age.

Mark McNamee – Marketing Professional and Sales Coach

Mark is a strategic thinker and sales and marketing professional who also is a skilled group process facilitator. Mark has an agronomy background, and spent many years working in the turf and horticulture industries. Career opportunities led Mark to discover his real passion and area of skill – sales and marketing. This is an area which does not get much attention in agribusiness, however can make a huge difference when done properly.

Since then, Mark has worked as a Sales Coach and Key Account Manager at some of Australia’s largest agribusinesses. He has since started his own consultancy – Marellen Consulting – designed to assist businesses in focussing on their sales and marketing, systematising and streamlining their operations, as well as HR aspects (Mark is an accredited Franklin-Covey “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” presenter, as well e-DISC Behavioural Profiling facilitator).

He brings these expertise to ABDI as a contractor, while maintaining work with clients in other sectors including automotive, manufacturing, medical and others. He also brings an understanding of how corporate agribusinesses operate.

Damian Street – Corporate Adviser

Damian is a professional corporate adviser, full time investor and business owner / entrepreneur who has a wide experience in a range of sectors including property, manufacturing, service companies and retail (with some agribusiness). He is a Harvard Business School educated Chartered Accountant, who has established, grown and sold several accounting and private equity firms. Damian’s career spans senior executive management roles including acting as Chairman, CEO and MD of listed and unlisted public companies, as well as numerous private companies. He specialises in advising Managing Directors and Boards in a variety of commercial fields.

He is an experienced practitioner and advises on the following areas: (1) Engaging investor ready businesses with aligned investors (2) Corporate Governance (3) Strategy development (4) Financial management (5) Business Development planning (6) Franchise Conversions (7) Restructuring, and (8) Shareholder Value generation activities.